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I completely forget I had created this community. But I've been burning away for months to write passionate articles. I have so much energy bubbling in my blood and nowhere to bleed.

I'm over kids. You're talking to a young woman who all her life has DREAMED of having a husband to screw (no exaggeration) and a happy 3 child + family to dote over for the rest of her days. I've been warped. I'm over screaming little white brats that pollute the planet. There's enough. We ignorant in that we know there's plenty of screaming children to feed and yet we still want to cram in more so that we can continue our DNA. What is that?! I mean, if the most important thing to you about your child is that you have linked DNA, you're not fit to be a parent. If you want kids so that YOU're satisfied, then someone should remove your womb. Bringing a child into this world requires so many things, if you're to do it responsibly. Wanting to have kids.. ok, that's fine, but if you're not prepared to raise them to be the best they can be, then they're wasting air. They need to KNOW that there are big issues out there, that getting married, having kids and getting rich and that's it is not a divine purpose. There's nothing Godly about working on posessions and yourself and donating a couple of bucks to the Red Shield Appeal when they come knocking and thinking thats your part. In reality, we live in a disgusting world, where the minority of ignorant westerners are sitting back and getting rich off the majorities misfortune.

We don't NEED any more of these people. We need people who are aware of the unfairness of all this, who are willing to sacrifice some of their own so that someone else can have a quarter of what we do. And just popping out kids and only thinking of your own family within your four walls isn't cutting it. I'd go so far as to call this thinking inhumane, greedy and atrocious.

I wanted 3 kids. Heck I wanted 5. I still want 5. I want to only have 2 of my own, tops. Perhaps one. Childbirth is meant to suck, give you 11 kilos of weight and make your boobs saggy anyhow. Once souds enough for me. And perhaps I'll do that. After I've adopted. I want to care for the starving, the ill and the disadvantaged in the world first. Whether it be african, or perhaps of european desent, or even asian or south american, I don't mind. A gorgeous little Indian baby to give a chance at life.. That's so much more meaningful than sucumbing to the temptation to live the westerners dream; that ingrained, contempted life that fits the stereotypical television mould. My father isn't my biological one. But *I* know that doesn't stop him being my Dad. So why would it be so important to me to have blood linked offspring?

It wouldn't.

I feel so strongly right now that I would liken the notion that children must be related to their parents to lust. Lust for things that are only important to us.

I agree that it's best if kids are with their birth parents if possible. If they are brought into the world though, and it isn't possible, I'd prefer to look after them first. And there will always be plenty of them.
Ok, here goes.

I feel a bit weird not posting in my own journal, and also because Gwok is the boss of this community and I am the first person to post here who ISN'T the boss.

My passion is writing. I write about a lot of stuff - mainly emotions, ideas and abstract concepts. I write when I am happy, when I am sad, and when I am angry and when I am exasperated. I write to understand things I don't, and to prove to myself what I can't prove to others. I write to live and I write because it is my way of life.

When I write, I leave the chair I am sitting in and the room in which I am - everything around me goes blurry and suddenly I disappear - I am in the vivid and idealistic world of my mind, and not even the stark brutality of the real world has strength enough to bring me back.

That world - is my own, a place I alone created and a place in which I alone roam aimlessly, diving in and out of people's minds and analysing bizarre little details about them like the way their collar stands crooked or the way they keep brushing one half of their fringe back.

And you can call me crazy, call me a dreamer, call me a hopeless believer, call me anything under the sun, but I must just be one of those people who has these certain things in life that whatever they do, they just can't get over. I must be one of those people, and one of my things must be you.

This post is dedicated to my friend Hayley, love from Nes.
So, here we are. Our first entry. Go wild.

Here I am listening to Raspberry Beret. And I'm thinking, girls are so pressured into thinking that having a boy want you will make you happy. And maybe it's true. Maybe we all need a boy drooling over us and our 'sexy' skinny, yet well-endowed, nicely tanned but never flabby bodies. Maybe enlightenment involves being sexually fulfilled. Maybe behind every great woman is a man idolizing her. And maybe we all need a red beret to score that required fashion accessory, that hot handbag that we call 'boyfriend'. And maybe imperfection is a sign that you need to dump him and look for something better.

Yeah, that's the answer to the universe, life and everything. 42 boys, having hot steamy dreams of you every night. That's what 42 is all about.